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Welcome to a new section of my graphics site. These backgrounds are set up in tables and frame the whole page. Click on the text links below to see the sets.

On each page there will be a link to download the zip file that will contain all of the graphics that you see on the page plus the HTML code for each page.

Do not link to the images on this page as I do monitor these pages and can tell who is directly linking to any images. ;-)

All of the graphics here are "linkware", which means that if you use any of these backgrounds on your site, I require either a text or graphic link back to this page. You should place it on the same page that the background is used on. Thanks !!

The linkware contained on this site may NOT be used by individuals developing web sites for others for financial gain whether the graphics are obtined from this site or from the web page developing service.

Need help picking colors? Try the color selector or Web Safe Color Chart.

Blue Flower  Rich Brown  Pink Rose

Valentine Hearts  Garden  Swan Pond

The Well

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